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Jason & Amanda

Jason and Amanda Ray

Award winning fine art photography team

Jason and Amanda Ray are a fine art photography team with a primary focus on traditional film techniques, most notably medium format. Winner of Tokyo, Moscow, and International Foto Awards. Recently named one of the world's top ten fine art photographers.


Jason and Amanda are a husband and wife creative team that enjoys travel, thunderstorms, poetry, fairies, and ghosts. They spend most of their time in cemeteries and deep in the forest, communing with kindred spirits. The duo's art displays what their dreams project, simultaneously melancholy and peacefully surreal. Both Jason and Amanda came from extremely troubled upbringings, surrounded by hopelessness, addiction, abuse and death for most of their lives. Due to this, they create art with the intention of taking grim subject matter and putting both light and serenity where there is darkness. Death becomes a peaceful dream. Depression becomes serene melancholy. Loneliness becomes tranquility. And if life is but a dream, better to dread the waking than this sublime illusion.

Grants & Fellowships

MS Arts Commission / Individual Artist Mini Grant / FY2023

Ilford Photo / Analogue Community Grant [Shortlist] / 3rd Award Q1 2023


Gallerium Art / Vancouver, British Columbia / 2023

PH21 Gallery / Budapest, Hungary / 2023

BlackBox Gallery / Portland, USA / 2023

Chateau Gallery / Louisville, USA / 2023

Alex Ferron Gallery / New York, USA / 2022

Praxis Gallery / Minneapolis, USA / 2022

Blue Moon Camera / Portland, USA / 2021

Featured in

The Book of Arts: Life and Death

Best of the Best Photographers 2023 (One Eyeland Book Vol.12)

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